Tips for New ACHE Students in Their First Semester

Tips for new ACHE students in their first semester.

Before you begin your first semester…do the following:

1. Get to know your professors. Checkout ACHE website and learn who they are. Meet and greet them. Do not miss the Graduate student retreat. The earliest one is on Saturday, Sept 12, 2009. Checkout the ACHE website!

2. Get to know what you want to accomplish within specific time limit. eg. When do you want to complete the program? When do you want to take your qualifying exam? When do you want to begin and finish your dissertation?

3. Consider your completion time vs. your tuition costs (if you’re not on scholarship or assistantship). Consider carefully, if you finish later…you might experience an opportunity cost to get higher salary at your job!

4. Choose your program of study committee members to prepare your POS form (in no. 5). Just choose several professors you think will have the same interest research as you are. Don’t worry, you can always change the members later on before your dissertation!

5. Plan your program of study. Get the POS forms here. Make sure that you fill this form in and turn it in before you take a total of 12 credits course. Although in the past this hasn’t been enforced, it is important to do it early anyway. You’ll get the benefit from planning your courses carefully so that your target completion time won’t be missed.

6. Don’t miss your registration schedule. If the class capacity is limited, it’s good to register early because you might not get the course you want. If there’s a hold in your registration status, work on it early. How to search for your classes? Access OASIS schedule search here. How to register? Access your OASIS here. Use your U number and password to login to OASIS.

7. Contact your instructors of your courses and ask for their syllabus. You can purchase the textbooks early so that you can find bargain prices. Sometimes (not always) the USF bookstore prices are more expensive. You can also check USF bookstore website to find out what are your courses’ textbooks.

Good luck! I hope you’ll have everything in your hand and everything goes smoothly!

PS: email me: if you want to ask more questions.

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